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Over the years I climbed the ladder, breaking Canadian records in each of my divisions along the way. I quickly transitioned into competing for Canada at an International level.  In 2004, after coming home with Championship titles in Slalom, Trick and Overall at the Jr. World Championships, Jr. US Open, and Jr. US Masters, I made my way onto the Elite National Team and have been proudly representing Canada at the highest level ever since.

I started skiing on the shoreline of Lake Osborne in Florida with my Dad running ahead and my aunt behind.  I was only 18 months old, and that’s where it all began.  My Aunt Judy, Uncle Joel, and Dad were all Canadian National Team members and together ran McClintock’s Ski School, where I spent my childhood trying to master all three events. Like many other water skiers before me I grew up knowing one thing for certain, I was born to be a water skier.

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Jason mcclintock jump ski

In 2016, after years of dealing with residual complications from my jump crash injuries, I was faced with another difficult choice to retire from tricking and focus fully on slalom. That decision paid off tremendously as I went on to place 3rd at the US Masters, broke the long time standing Canadian National Slalom Record by a full buoy with a score of 5@10.25, placed 3rd at the Cali Pro Am, and finished 3rd at the World Championships as well.  After spending 2018 recovering from a back injury, I closed out the 2018 season with a 3rd place finish at the California Pro Am.

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As with many athletes in all sports, no career is complete without it’s set of challenges. In March 2007 I had a traumatic jump crash that lead to me to retire from jumping and focus on slalom and trick. 2007 would have been my first Pro-Tour season, so this was a devastating setback in my career as I was forced to sit on the sidelines while recovering from a dislocated ankle and shattered patella.   

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As an athlete and a coach I know what it is like to reach career highs and lows, which allows me a very unique perspective with all my skiers. As I spent time recovering from some recurring injuries, I found my passion for the sport again in the simple things; learning to see the positives in all situations, finding ways to bring the “fun” back to the dock, and helping the next generation of skiers grow their own skills both on and off the water. As I look forward in my career I am excited to enter the Pro-Tour again and spend many more years doing what I love!