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From the time I was a Junior competitor I was always an open book on all things water ski talk. Ready to learn from everyone I encountered, and happy to share what was working for me with my friends on the dock, I have always valued information exchange over secrecy in our sport. I have learned so much over the years: from the importance of training quality over quantity, how to prep for tournament success, exercise practices for both on and off season, and how to deal with injury or loss of confidence. Above all else I have truly learned how passionate I am about helping others avoid facing the same hurdles that I have and to realize they aren’t alone as they navigate both the National and International competitive scenes!

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As we watched our team grow, we noticed more and more that this void not only existed in Canada, but world-wide. The best water ski coaches tend to position themselves strategically in Florida where they can operate businesses year-round, leaving many skiers without access to the high-quality coaching they need to reach their ski goals all season long. My goal as a coach is to break the stereotype that all skiers must relocate to Florida to excel within this sport.

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Through my years I have spent a lot of time training with the best Canadian coaches. I have always been willing to receive any bit of knowledge they would share with me. I found the greatest growth I had in my career was when I would take what I had heard and strived to apply it to my own skiing. This process truly broadened my understanding of the sport and continues to give me a different approach than most coaches.

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When I moved back to Ontario in 2013 I quickly realized there was a void that I needed to fill. I not only wanted to bring high level coaching back to my home province, but I wanted the Ontario kids to experience the same fun that water skiing brought to my childhood year after year. With the focus on growing our sport from the ground up, my wife Jaime and I built the Ontario Water Ski Team with one thing in mind: How do we combine high-quality training with a fun experience and camaraderie to last a lifetime?

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As I look forward on my career as a coach I hope to extend my reach and help guide as many athletes as I can along the way. I take all my skiers performances on the water and sportsmanship off the water as seriously as I take my own. Together we share in the wins, and we learn from the losses, and never stop striving to be the best athletes and teammates we can be. This sport is about more than just a buoy count; it’s about family. It is only once we realize that our community needs to be stronger than politics, and skier development must reign over competition, that we will watch our sport grow once more!