I began dropping in on Jason at his school in Ontario in 2016. Since that time I have had him travel down to my place to do clinics for my ski buddies. We have enjoyed great times when Jason has been down coaching us, both on and off the water. Jason is a wealth of knowledge, helping simplify the complex topics, and giving us simple keys to focus on. Between sets we do video analysis which has really solidified what he’s asking me to do on the water. During the summer I will call, send him a video of my skiing and he sorts me out. It is great with my busy schedule to have a guy I trust, to get fresh keys.
— Mike Babcock, Toronto Maple Leafs Head Coach
I was turned on to waterskiing as an adult.  It quickly morphed into a three generational sport.  However, it wasn’t until I met Jason 5 years ago that it became our family’s passion.  Jason turned me from a beginner into an amateur competitor.  More importantly, he coached my son to National Champion and 6th in the world.  My daughter is following close behind.  None of this would be possible without Jason’s patient and focused coaching.  He has a gift and an enthusiasm that makes him one of the elite coaches in the waterskiing world. Regardless of your starting level, you will not find better coaching.
— Dr. Laz Klein, Canadian Men's 4 Slalom Competitor
I first started being coached by Jmac 4 years ago. I was an open water skier who was looking to get into the water-ski course. Coming from a competitive athletic background, I felt the best way to improve my skiing was to find a National Team Member and spend as much time with him/her as I could. This led me to Jmac! My goal when working with him was unique. I wanted technical advice (like every other skier) but I also wanted mental ideologies that would help me further down the road if/when I entered a tournament. Jason tailored his coaching to my needs! I am now skiing better than ever and am looking to enter my first tournament. What separates Jmac from other coaches is he really cares about my progress. He goes above and beyond to create an open environment where he is 100% in my corner and ensures that I understand what we are working on and how it will help me progress to the next level. Lastly, the best part of skiing with Jmac is the confidence you get from having one of the best, most respected skier in the world, guiding your progress.
— Graeme Schnell, Pan-Am Gold and Silver Medalist
I first reached out to Jason because I wanted to get better. That is the simple answer but It was more than just getting “better”. I watched Jason at my first couple of tournaments and knew he could help me focus on not only my technique but also how to mentally prepare before and during a tournament.   Jason was calm and very knowledgeable. He taught me to not prepare too early, to not listen to dock chatter prior to my time on the water and more.  I think working with Jason has made me more accountable to myself. Show up for practice, get in the right head space and learning to figure out what works for a practice schedule for me.  He has given me tips and ways to be more discipline in doing what needs to be done on and off the water.  I’m learning to be better than all my excuses!  I continue to improve my technique and learning to run shorter line but also building my confidence going into big tournaments.  Jason has assisted me with off water training in the gym, warm ups before I ski and given me invaluable directions on goal setting.  Setting goals has made me far more focused and funny thing  - I’m achieving those goals!  I believe my favourite part about skiing with Jason is to see how he puts his heart into coaching especially with the kids.  He is dedicated and he cares.  My best moment is having a PB at Nationals and he met me on the dock just as excited as I was… the picture says a thousands words.
— Wendy Durigon, Women's 4 Slalom Competitor
I first met Jason at an early tournament in the 2013 season where I heard about a few camps he was running in the summer. I eagerly pushed my parents to sign me up for some, although I was new to the sport, I was already a huge fan and Jason was, well, Jason McClintock. I wanted, and still want, to be able to do what he can do on the water. I have trained with Jason every summer since then and now work for him as well. I continue to train with Jason because he offers a perspective on my skiing that I have only ever found with him. When something feels off in my skiing, I do a set with Jason to reset, he gives me very technical things to actively try and do while skiing. He tells me what to do into the approach of my spot of issue which is my favourite part of skiing with him. Others advise me as to what to do at the spot of issue and I find that strategy less effective. I use Jason’s knowledge of the sport for workout tips, as I reach out to him every off-season. One of the most common things I approach Jason with is injuries and he always helps me get through them quickly. Every time I am at a tournament Jason gives me a little talk and gets my head in the game; he is always sure I’m not too hard on myself. This has allowed me to be comfortable before important sets and able to deal with bad ones. Jason is the only person I like talking to about what went wrong in a set, as he gives me an outlet to reflect on my skiing. I was terrified the first couple competitions but as I got to know Jason and became good friends with the other kids who trained with him, I became quite comfortable in a tournament environment. Jason always reinforces keeping your prep and mindset the same in tournaments as in practice which although is simple has been the most valuable piece of information I have gained. I love the environment around the dock with Jason, we are extremely serious about our skiing, but we know how to have a good time!
— James Boblitz, Ontario Team Member and Men's U21 Slalom Competitor
It has been 3 years since I started training with Jason as part of the Ontario team. Before I started working with him, I was jumping about 60 ft and could barely run the course. I have spent almost everyday of the last 2 summers skiing with Jason and with his help I have become an overall skier. I am now jumping over 100 ft, slaloming into shorter line lengths and tricking. Also, since I began training with him, I have won multiple national titles, gone to the panam waterski championships, and the U21 world championships. He always gives great advice and isn’t afraid to tell you straight up what he thinks. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy skiing with him. Jason also pushes you to be your best. Thank you for all the knowledge so far and I can’t wait to see what new coaching strategies you come up with next.
— Rebecca Ramsay, Ontario Team Member and Women's U21 3-Event Competitor
I first met Jason McClintock at the Swiss head to head in 2015. He was one of the pro skiers in the tournament. We spoke with him at that time knowing he was a Canadian skier as am I. The first time I remember skiing with Jason was when i was 10 years old and he was coaching with Drew Ross at lake Hancock in Winter Garden, Florida. At that time I was skiing with Drew because I was interested in taking my skiing to the next level. During that time period Jason coached me from time to time alternating with drew. His coaching style really helped me to improve my slalom. Then we talked a bit in Ottawa at the Canada Day tournament. That summer, shortly after, I went to stay in the bunkhouse at McClintock’s Water Ski School. And skied with him for 2 or 3 weeks. By the end of my stay my skiing had improved tremendously. I felt confident to take on The Canadien Nationals. I’ve been skiing there with Jason, every summer since.  I also ski with Jason in the off season whenever we happen to be in Florida at the same time. Jason has been a huge influence on me as a  competitive water skier and as a person. I am currently Ranked 5th in the world in U14 Girls Tricks and 1st in Canada in U14 Girls Tricks. A big part of my skiing in all three events is thanks to Jason. One thing that I appreciate most above all is how Jason treats me as an athlete and he shows me the same respect as any other high level skiers irregardless of the fact that I’m only 13 years old. He also had and still has a major part in helping me overcome my jump fear as someone who knows a lot about what jump injuries can do to you. He gave me a lot of tips for off water training : including working on my runs before sets. Talking to him before a tournament set really helps me and allows me to stay focused on what we’ve been working on.
— Hannah Stopnicki, Girls U14 3-Event Competitor